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I know we’re all a little upset… but come on this is pretty funny 

ramos keep your hands to YOSELF


LFC at Soldier Field 


LFC at Soldier Field 


Steven Gerrard - #8

I will probably post some things from my Chicago trip later but let me just say

Seeing Steven Gerrard captain Liverpool in person: not over it. Never gonna be over it.


Six Selfies of Matt!

tagged by shescoreswhenshewants.

i’ve never seen your with your hair down, you’re lovely!

Aww thank you :)

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So I was tagged in the 6 selfies game by shescoreswhenshewants. (Thank you lovely!) Consequently here are 6 gratuitous shots of my face, with a guest appearance by Dom Dwyer. 

I will tag rnaraudersmaps, meeessi, and thopix :) I know some of you ladies don’t often post pictures of yourselves, so if you prefer not to please just share something about yourself or tell us 6 things you would like us to know about you, if you care to play :) But of course it would be awesome to see your lovely faces!

As promised, here is a super crappy set of iPhone photos I took of Jesus Navas at the Champions Shield game the other night for Mari. Basically my photography skills here indicate that yes, this did in fact occur. And that is about all the sharper they are. I need better pic skills.

I have a problem

And it’s called not listening to music anymore

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"We are starting from scratch. There have been a lot of changes but the level of excitement and desire is extremely high. The goals are the same as every season: win titles and start off on a good note to help us tackle the whole year. We want to get back to doing things well and making the fans happy. This year will be tough but we have the goal and the ambition to repeat the 2008-09 season. We are tackling this year just like that one, with a lot of excitement."
— Andres Iniesta (via moreawesomewithfootball)

"In the end everyone has to be the leader of themselves and they have to bring their best. The club has had a very healthy, very united locker room. That’s important. It’s nice to wear the armband but the sum of the group is what makes the team go in the same direction"
— Andres Iniesta (via moreawesomewithfootball)

the manuscripts of the masters: 20th century writers 

jean-louis lebris de kerouac
francis scott key fitzgerald
ernest miller hemingway
john ronald reule tolkien 
john ernst steinbeck, jr